Friday, August 31, 2012

Five MInute Friday - Change

Five Minute Friday

It's time for Five Minute Friday.  To join in and to get the rules of the game hop on over to The Gypsy Mama.

I haven't joined in in a while.  It's amazing how even 5 minutes can be hard to find sometimes and sometimes honestly I'm just too busy enjoying my family and having fun to make the time to join in.  I'm up early, the kids are still sleeping and I got the urge, so here I am. 
Today's topic:

When I read or hear the word change my mind automatically sees everything whirling and twirling around.  That is how it is.  Things are constantly moving and changing.  Even when we feel like life is at a stand still and we are going no where, before we know it our circumstances have changed yet once again.
Some things we wish would change faster. Other things we don't want to change. Sometimes I think we spend too much time being concerned with the change or not the change when really we should be enjoying the stage of life we are in because before we know it, it will change and if we aren't careful we are going to miss it.
My oldest is 7 1/2. WOW! Where did all the time go? When did my newborn change into a little girl who is ever changing so quickly into a young lady?  Don't get me wrong I don't want to keep my children babies, although I do love my babies. I simply want to enjoy them while I have them.  If I spend all my time wishing and dreaming and waiting for them to be in a different stage so that I can do other things I won't enjoy them in the stage they are in.  I will miss out on doing things with them now.  And I don't want to miss this!  Each day is a gift that I want to use to prepare my children to grow in the love of the Lord and to be used by him, not in the future but now.  Life is ever changing.  Don't fear the change, don't rush the change instead embrace the moment of change and go with the flow.


  1. I never thought about the fact that even when things are at a stand still before you know it change has happened. Great post!

  2. "Don't rush the change" good word!

  3. Hi, Stephanie. I found your blog from Five Minute Friday. It is so true that all the little things in our lives are constantly changing. And thank you because you gave me some perspective today. I wrote about how the changes we'd like to see happen (selling our house) aren't happening, and your post made me realize that all the things that I don't want to change are constantly changing. And I need to be spending more time soaking in every second. Thank you! Have a great weekend!


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