Monday, May 26, 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet With Type 1 Diabetes - Week 2

Week 2

Monday Day 8 phase 1
Started the day out right with good blood sugars.  I took insulin less for 20 grams of carbohydrates because of doing aerobic exercise.  My biggest surprise for the day was that although I had already been through this phase once and had adjusted my insulin several times I still battled low blood sugar this day.  I didn't have low blood sugar on my first day of week one. Never stop watching those blood sugars.

Tuesday Day 9 phase1
After once again adjusting my basal rates and keeping a close eye on my blood sugar through the night, I woke with low blood sugar. I continued to battle low blood sugar all day, always making adjustments to my insulin where needed.

Wednesday Day 10 phase 2
Blood sugars were good and stable. Phase 2 is the hardest phase for me and I am always tempted to quit during this phase, but I will stick with it.

Thursday Day 11 phase 2
Surprisingly this day wasn't as bad as Wednesday.  I didn't struggle with hunger as much. Blood sugars were stable.

Friday Day 12 phase 3
Yeah! I feel so satisfied on phase 3.  The fats really help to keep the hunger at bay.  I had to push some of my snacks to 4 hours apart because I was so full I just couldn't eat. My blood sugar was very stable.

Saturday Day 13 phase 3
I have learned the quinoa in my morning smoothie is not a good thing. It tends to raise my blood sugar more than when I use steel cut oats. I had to eat out this day and was very nervous about it, but was able to stay on track with the diet and felt full and satisfied.

Sunday Day 14 phase 3
I had a late start to this day so I ended up eating breakfast, snack, dinner, snack and then bed.  I did eat every 3-4 hours during my waking hours.

My thoughts on week 2. It was easier as far as prep and flow goes.  I knew what to eat for different phases for the snacks and meals and didn't have to check my book or notes near as much. I did lose again this week, although I am not losing a lot fast like some are. I think I am going to be a slow and steady loser, but that's okay. I keep reminding myself that this is about health not just weight loss and it will happen in time.  I have noticed that I sleep better at night and that foods have more intense flavors. ;-)

Gearing up for week 3.

You can find my post from week 3 here.


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