Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Abortion... A Horrible Reality

Have you ever stopped to soak in the reality of abortion and what it means?  When I was in high school I did a report on abortion.  The research I did has forever engrained images on my memory that I wish I could erase.  I do not understand how anyone who truly understands how abortion works could support it.  Did you know that the baby in the womb will move up higher and higher trying to get away from the suction? Did you know the suction literally rips their tiny bodies apart?  Did you know that the solution used burns their tiny bodies while they are still alive?  The innocent killed in such horrible wicked ways, while murderers are offered a nice little injection and a last meal.  Something isn't right.

The video at this link 180 movie shows how some have changed their position on the murdering of our babies/abortion. What is it that changed their minds?  Watch to find out.

Beware that the images at these links are graphic.

For more information check out the images and information at this link or this link.  There is much more information available.  Find the truth.

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  1. I just watched 180. Of course I'm fully pro-life. How heart-wrenching! Makes me hold my babies closer and marvel at God's greatness. This is a great tool in the campaign against abortion. Thanks for sharing the link.


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