Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why I Love My Husband (the never ending list)

22. He does little things that shows his love for me.  For example: He got up early this morning to put gas in the van before he left for work, just so I wouldn't have to do it before heading to piano.  These things can sometimes say "I love you" louder than anything I know.

23. He helps me with the grocery shopping.

24. He's almost as at bargain shopping as I am. ;)

25. He doesn't mind shopping for fabric and craft supplies with me.

26. He let's me bounce my ideas off him and helps me make the ever so difficult decision of which fabric to buy.

27. He is my best friend.

28. He doesn't mind when I mess up dinner, it's just another opportunity to have pizza.

29. He completes me.

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  1. Awesome <3 . i love my husband, my husband is my hero. :)


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