Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

The best part about being married to cupid is that Valentine's Day is just like any other day!

Oh Love!
God Gave Me You

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where Have I Been???

I've been missing in action around here for a while now.  I have been pregnant and busy and that about sums it up.  There is something with this pregnancy that has me adding things to my project list faster than ever before, so I have been knocking projects off a fast (which is not very fast in my very pregnant state, I move slower than a turtle these days) as I can.
Things I've been up to, let's see...
Freezer baking and cooking for after baby gets here
Lining for baby drawers
Disney Princess Belle dress for a friends daughter
Giraffe hat and diaper cover set for baby
Car seat cover for baby
Flower beanies for baby and baby gifts
Butterfly beanie for baby
Giraffe print blanket for baby
Big Sis/Lil Sis shirts
Doll clothes, diapers and other accessories
Organizer for back of car seat and trash bag
Working on Ariel inspired Princess dress for Princess' birthday
All of this while helping The Man finish off the bathroom and bedroom update.  Of course this doesn't include any of the cleaning, organizing and normal getting ready for baby stuff.
Still on my to-do list:
covered wipe box
nursing cover
and a few other small projects here and there.  I seriously doubt I will get them all done, but at least it helps to make these last few weeks/days go by a little faster.
Here are a few pics for now, more to come later.