Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Still

It's time for another Five Minute Friday.  Click the link for all the details.

Today's topic is Still.

I am still exhausted,
still nauseous,
still starving,
and still thankful to be pregnant.  Although I still think I am getting to old for this.
I leave you with this song on Still.

Happy Friday

Monday, July 25, 2011

Such a Tiny Thing with a Big Impact

This week my wee little one is barely the size of a grain of rice.  That is tiny! So why is it that something so small can reek havoc on my body and life?  Does it really have to be this bad?  This tiny little being has turned all my favorite foods into either no go's or vomit inducers. I am weak and tired and I feel like I am neglecting the rest of my family.  I am not one to spend 1/2 the day in bed even when I am sick, but that is exactly what I have been doing the past few days and the one day I didn't I sure wished I did.

Now my family is an awesome support and they are all great.  I just wish I could be back to my normal mama self.  I have so many things on my to-do list, no energy and honestly I kind of feel like a party-pooper.

Realizing how tiny this little miracle is and the huge impact it is having makes me wonder.  What kind of impact do I have?  Maybe my impact is a lot bigger than I would think it is.  Maybe my motives and actions are more important than I think.  Maybe I am just a small simple tool, but when placed in the Master's hand maybe I can be used to make a huge impact. And if this is true of me it is true of all of us.

A Homemaking Homeschooling Helpmeet: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About the Pill

I have known this information for a while. It is a very sensitive subject for people to talk about. I appreciate the following post and especially that it is full of information and where the information was found (a very important bit I think). Please read or pass along for others who might appreciate.

A Homemaking Homeschooling Helpmeet: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About the Pill

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New blog and a giveaway

I found this blog while blog browsing and she has an awesome giveaway going on right now.
Go check out 52 FLEA and her 700th post give back giveaway.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mi-Del Cookie giveaway

If you have wheat allergy or are gluten free.  These cookies are good.  It is not always easy finding a tasty non-wheat treat.  My kids love these.  The Legacy of Home is having a giveaway, so head on over and enter.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Some things are not meant to be kept a secret.  I can keep a secret if I have to, but if I don't forget it.  I love sharing good and exciting news.  It just doesn't seem right to keep it all to myself.  I have read stories about creative ways people share their secrets, but I just don't have the patience to be that creative when it comes to such exciting news.

Yesterday morning was when the news came.  I woke up early chilled from the fan over head.  I can't seem to find a comfortable temperature these days.  I fall asleep hot with the fan on medium and wake up freezing and the setting hasn't changed. I think about going back to sleep, but I can't.  I head to the bathroom, open the box, read the slip of paper just to make sure I know what I am doing and pee on the stick.  The paper says it will take a few minutes for the results.  I am watching as the strip fills. Wait am I seeing what I think I am seeing?  I rub my eyes and look again. Okay it hasn't even been a minute.  It can't be.  I double check the paper to make sure and yes, I am seeing what I think I am seeing.  I am pregnant.  What is my first thought.  I don't remember. I think I went into shock.  You know it has been 5 1/2 years since I have been pregnant.  Do I plan an elaborate way to tell The Man?  No I peak out of the bathroom and slightly nod my head yes.  The Man is excited. He immediately tells Princess (who is in our bed for an early morning cuddle) that we are going to have a baby.  Before I know it he is by my side giving hugs and kisses and I am still not sure that it has sunk in.

I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  The adventure begins, diabetes and pregnancy are not the best of friends.  I think I am going through withdrawal. I miss my carbs. and coffee, but it will be worth it all when I see the precious little face of my new little one.

You know I still can't believe it.  My youngest is 5 and will be nearly 6 when baby comes.  I never thought this would happen.  I assumed we were done, but I am glad and excited for this change and a new blessing in our lives.  Now to get busy with that to-do list.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Grateful

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Are you ready? Go.

Grateful for God who saved a horrible sinner like me.
Grateful for a husband who encourages me to be and do my best while loving me all the time
Grateful for a father who cares for his children's needs not just physical, but spiritual as well.
Grateful for a home that is sweet and family that loves to be together no matter what the circumstances.
Grateful for all my needs that are supplied.
Grateful for lessons learned even when they are hard to learn.

I could keep going and going, but right now I am grateful for the distraction to my post, my family wants me.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pajama School - Giveaway!

The Legacy of Home is having a giveaway, a signed copy of Pajama School!

'The Waiting Place' by Eileen Button - a book review

I recently finished reading The Waiting Place by Eileen Button.  I was expecting an encouraging read on the waiting places in our lives.  This was the hardest book for me to read. If I hadn't signed up to do the book review I would have quit reading this book.  I found it mostly depressing and irritating.  Yes, irritating.  I would finish reading a chapter only to be irritate at Eileen and her self-centeredness. She turned her entire life into a waiting place.  Even though I did not care for reading this book and would not recommend it for reading I did learn some things.  I found that most of her waiting places were hard for her because she was not content and she was more concerned with what she wanted to do than what God wanted her to do.  The book is promoted as a Christian book which is why I expected it to be encouraging and pointing to Chrit, it is not and does not.  Eileen is a pastor's wife, but her heart is not in it.  I came away with the understanding that she does not like her life and would rather be just about anything other than a pastor's wife.  Her thoughts and behavior as a wife and a mother are heart breaking to me.

I know that several have written good reviews on this book.  These are my honest opinions and how the reading of this book made me feel.

I review for BookSneeze®

Disclaimer- The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Welcome

Its time for another Five Minute Friday. For details click on the link.

I want to be a good welcomer.  Am I a good welcomer?  I don't know.  It seems that at times I am just not prepared to welcome anyone.  I feel guilty and I determine to do better.  I feel life tricks me into this crazy thing of every day tasks until I don't have time to be very welcoming.  I am coming and going and checking off lists, but what about that person that could use a kind word and maybe a welcoming ear. I am so busy I don't see them.  Christ is and was the perfect welcomer.  He never turned a single soul away.  He was kind and friendly especially to the ugly.  How many times do I avoid the ugly for fear of dirt on my oh so seemingly clean life? But wait if I were to stop and think He did the same for me why wouldn't I do the same for others.  The cleanness in my life is not mine, but his. It is his work that I am seeing.  He welcomed me, a dirty sinner, into his clean perfect love.  I want to be like him. I want to welcome those that need a light to find the path to Christ. I want others for feel the welcome I feel when I read his Word and kneel to pray.  I am not talking into the air, he hears, he is a friend that welcomes my every care.

I am reminded of Luke 6:35 "But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping nothing again; and your reward shall be great and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil."