Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet With Type 1 Diabetes - Week 4

Week 4, the last week of the 28 day cycle.

Monday Day 22 Phase 1
After so much fat on phase 3, I'm actually starting to look forward to phase 1 by the last day of phase 3. Overall I had a great day with stable blood sugars.

Tuesday Day 23 Phase 1
I woke with elevated blood sugar this morning. I did not take insulin with my bedtime snack last night. Oops.

Wednesday Day 24 Phase 2
This was about the same as before for me. I was hungry this time around. No battling lows. Yeah.

Thursday Day 25 Phase 2
I woke up with a low on this morning, but otherwise back to the normal phase 2 routine.

Friday Day 26 Phase 3
This was a very busy day and I can't say that I followed the diet to a t, but I wouldn't say that I cheated either. We were out all day and I did the best I could with what was available to me.

Saturday Day 27 Phase 3
Another good phase 3 day. Good blood sugars. I did "cheat" this day for dinner we had a birthday dinner out. I had fried flounder. Delicious! I didn't regret it and I didn't feel sick. It was one meal and I was right at the end of my 28 days, so I didn't mind at all.

Sunday Day 28 Phase 3
My blood sugars were a little elevated this day, but overall things were good.

My thoughts on week 4. I actually lost a little more this week than the previous weeks. So good. I have decided to take a break from The Fast Metabolism Diet and try some tweaking over the next couple weeks. I think the biggest things I have learned form The Fast Metabolism Diet is that I need to eat more vegetables and more protein. I will be using what I have learned as I moved forward with my healthy lifestyle. 

The Fast Metabolism Diet With Type 1 Diabetes - Week 3

Monday Day 15 phase 1
I woke up over 100 for the first time in a while. I shifted my aerobic exercise to Tuesday, because of Monday being a holiday. No low blood sugar this day. My numbers were not as stable either. I had a couple lows and then, a couple not highs, but higher than I would have liked. I'm going to fiddling around a little more with my basal rates and see what I can come up with.

Tuesday Day 16 phase 1
I woke with high blood sugar over 200 this day.  I'm wondering if it is that the night before I ate dinner late after 8 or if it has to do with the sweet potato I had at dinner.

Wednesday Day 17 phase 2
My blood sugars stayed stable throughout the day, although they were higher than what they have been. I did not have high blood sugars, they were just higher than what I had been over the past couple of weeks. I'm assuming this means that my basal rates and body are at their happy place, that or I might be fighting off the stomach virus that my kids have had for the past 2 weeks. I do not feel ill, though. This is the first time during phase 2 that I was not hungry almost immediately after eating. I was not counting down the minutes to my next snack or meal. This made phase 2 a lot easier to cope with.

Thursday Day 18 phase 2
Off to a good start. My Jay Robb egg white powder came in, this made it a little easier to get my protein in. I battled a couple lows this day.

Friday Day 19 phase 3
My blood sugar was stable, although they were a little higher compared to what I had become used to. Not too high though. Strange enough I was hungry between meals and snacks on this day. I've never been hungry on phase 3 before.

Saturday Day 20 phase 3
I woke up with a low blood sugar this morning, but the rest of the day my blood sugars were good and stable. Again this day I felt hungry between meals and snacks.

Sunday Day 21 phase 3
My blood sugar was mostly stable with one elevated count. I'm wondering if sweet potato may have a bigger impact on my blood sugar than other carbs.

My thoughts on the week. This week held a few surprises for me. Not being hungry on phase 2 was really odd, but a nice change. Likewise being hungry and phase 3 was odd. I'm assuming this is due to changes that are taking place in my body and metabolism.

Here we go week 4.

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