Monday, March 25, 2013

Why I Love My Husband (the never ending list) video clip

There are many reasons why I love my husband.  Number 21 on my list is a video clip.  The Man made the video with the help of his cousin on a work related trip that separated us for the first time after being married.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

There's More Than Meets the Eye

If you look from the outside you may see a tired man working hard, going to school with not much extra time to spare. But, if you live on the inside you will see so much more.  You will see a husband who loves his wife immensely. You will see a father whose utmost concern is his children. You will see sacrifice of sleep, sometimes sweets ;) all to show his family love.  You will see a man who is thoughtful and analytical of every word and action that his children do.  You will see a man who is ever thinking of the future for his children, not only in their physical needs, but most importantly their spiritual needs.  You will see him sewing seeds of wisdom and love.  You will see him carefully tending the garden of his children's hearts, pulling the weeds and giving food and water to their souls. You will see a husband who only has eyes for one woman, his wife.  If you look into those eyes you will see that his love and care goes so deep that there are no words to describe it, so he makes up his own "EST".  If you live on the inside you will see that this husband is ever playful and sweet with his wife.  He is thoughtful and caring. He is encouraging and helpful.  He doesn't expect too much, but he isn't surprised by just how much she can do. Why? Because he believes in her. He believes in her even when she doesn't believe in herself.  He is her best friend and she is his.  Life isn't always easy, fun and games, but this family has heaven on earth. This family loves, believes, cares, enjoys life. Why? Because this family has Christ and has centered their life around him. This family has chosen to follow Christ and his example. This family cannot thank God enough for giving them a guideline to live by, because of this guideline they truly do have a heaven on earth.

And now

Why I Love My Husband (the never ending list)

11. He is purposeful in what he says and does.

12. He has changed me.

13. He teaches me so much.

14. He loves me when I'm not lovable.

15. He makes me smile when no one else can.

16. He whispers sweet somethings in my ear.

17. I know that look in his eyes.

18. He lovingly and willing will take care of the baby during the night just so I can get some sleep.  And no I don't have to ask.

19. He gives me time and space to grow.

20. He prays.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Baby Gift

My sister is about to have her second baby any day now. Life can be rotten sometimes.  I was supposed to be there for the birth of her first, but life got in the way and it was impossible.  I was supposed to be there for this one's birth too, but once again life gets in the way and it is impossible.  Sometimes life frustrates me to no end.  I love my sister so much and would love to be there to support her and help during these last and first days. My sister and I are 7 years apart, but we are best friends.  This is a great encouragement to me, not only in my personal life because everyone needs a good friend, but also because my girls are 7 years apart and I know what they have to look forward to. I can count on one hand my true friends and I am thankful that one of those is my sister.

I would give my sister the world if I could, but alas time and money got in the way of that too. LOL! So I went with the next best thing.  My recent go to baby gift has been a car seat canopy.  I made one for my last daughter and love, love, love it.  My daughter is 1 yr and 1 month and we still use the canopy on occasion. Yes, she is still in her infant seat.  I came up with this pattern myself.  I based it on several that I had seen on-line.  I liked different things about each one, but there was not one that combined them all so I made one. I really love how this one turned out.  I fell in love with the adorable fabric and colors as soon as I saw them.  I know my sister will love them too.  It should arrive in the mail today, fingers crossed.  I can't wait for her to receive them.  I also made her a diaper bag, matching wipe case and changing pad.  When I was pregnant with my last one a dear sweet friend made me a diaper bag and I love it.  My sister wanted a special bag.  I have never made bags and was very nervous about making this one. I am super duper excited how it turned out.  My hubby helped me pick out the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I guess you could say it just spoke to us calling out my sister's name. ;) I found the tutorial for this bag on none other than Pinterest. The Angela's Diaper Bag is actually quite large.  I didn't really think through the measurements before making it so I ended up getting it put together only to take it apart and make it a bit smaller. I took 2" off the length and 1" off the width. Apparently I'm a bit of a rebel and don't like following instructions (honestly I rarely follow a recipe, pattern or tutorial without making some changes) so, yes I did make some modifications other than the size.  I added a cell phone pocket inside one of the elastic pockets, I added a magnetic flap instead of the ribbon ties, I lengthened the straps to make should straps, instead of the divider I made a zippered pouch divider and last of all I added a cute ruffle down the front of the bag.  I couldn't have made this bag without the much needed and appreciated technical and emotional support from one of my dearest friends and awesome bag maker Kelly. Yes, she is the dear sweet friend that made me my diaper bag. ;) You can find her at her blog A Plain Path.

Now we get to the good part, Pictures!! At least for me that is the main reason I end up reading blogs in the first place.  Lol!

One more extra little gift I made for the new baby.  Really it's hard to stop myself.  There are so many things I wish I could have made also. ;)

And just for the fun of it here's a look back at my very first car seat canopy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

8 is Great!

Another year has come and gone and my 'little' princess is turning into a 'big' princess much faster than I like.  It seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital all snuggled in our arms.  Nursing and diapers are done. Kindergarten is over. She flew through 1st grade. Time is not forgiving.  It does what it pleases no matter.

I love the young lady my baby girl is growing into.  She is kind and helpful, loving and sweet.  She is a wonderful big sister to her brother and baby sister. They both adore her to pieces.  She is my crafting partner. ;) She loves to get messy.  If I'm baking bread you can bet she's got her hands in the dough. She loves learning new things and is curious to try something new.

Every year I make my kids a special outfit for their birthday.  As soon as they are old enough they tell me what they want and that's what I make.  This year was my girl's first year not choosing a princess dress.  A little bitter sweet for me. She actually designed her own outfit this year and I did the sewing.  Gotta love it!

I'll end this post with pics of my beautiful inside and out, 8 year old princess.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Tutu Fit for a Princess

A Tutu Fit for a Princess - a rolled ribbon tutu.

As promised, a tutu tutorial. ;) I had seen these adorable tutus on pinterest.  I loved them and knew I could make one myself.  I searched and didn't find any tutorials online so I thought I would give it a go.  Now keep in mind tutorials are not my thing.

1. Measure how long I wanted the tutu to come ( 8 inches, for my daughter).  Double that measurement (16 inches), because you will be folding it in half. The next thing I did was to get my ribbon and roll it how I wanted it to look finished. Mark and measure the ribbon 13-14 inches). I measured each ribbon according to the tulle piece to account for slipping. Sew ribbon onto the tulle ends. I used 30 tulle sections give or take a couple.  4 5/8 yards of tulle was more than enough. I used about 20 yards of ribbon.  The amount of tulle and ribbon you need will vary based on the size of tutu you are making and how tight and much you have the ribbon overlap.

2. Measure the child's waist for the elastic.  I like to cut my elastic at the exact measurement, overlap by about an inch and stitch.

3. Roll tulle.

4. Fold roll in half.

5. Make a loop at the top.  Fold the tulle around the elastic and slip the ribbon ends through the loop to attach.

6. Pull and tighten tulle on elastic.  Make sure that it is how you want it to lay. Repeat until you have a tutu that is as full as you want.

Make sure that you have your slip knots all on the same side. Not backwards from each other. This affects how the tutu lays.

7. After attaching all the tulle sections use 1 inch ribbon to wrap around the waist. I forgot to measure the amount of ribbon used. Sorry. This step is optional, but using satin ribbon makes the waste softer on the skin.
After finishing my tutu I added a little bling with some glue and jewel dots.

I love it!  I hope this is helpful to someone. ;)

Happy Wives Club

I joined the Happy Wives Club.  How cool is that?  I never even knew we had a club.  I love it though.  I found it through the Happy Wives Club blog and love what they are doing ( although I agree with most of what they are saying, don't think I agree with everything 100%).  The Why I Love My Husband  post  grabbed my attention and made me want to join and be a part of this group.  Not like I really need an excuse to brag on my hubby, The Man. ;)

Why I Love My Husband

This has inspired me to start my own list. My list will not be in any specific order.

Why I Love My Husband (the never ending list)

1. He has Christ as his Saviour. (I had to make this #1 because this is central to the rest of my list. Without this one thing I know he would not be who he is.)

2. He follows God's Word as to our marriage and family.

3. He thinks outside the box. Just because everyone else thinks so or says so doesn't mean it is so. 

4. He applies things across the board.

5. He is faithful.

6. He purposely does not look at other women

7. He is teaching our son to purposely not look at women.

8. His main concern is the salvation of his family.

9. He would rather be home than work overtime.

10. I can trust him.

It is so easy to go on and on, but this will have to do for now. Will you join and start your own list?