Friday, July 31, 2015

Sofilantjes- New Pattern Release: Amare Top and Dress

I had the pleasure of testing the Amare Top and Dress pattern by Sofilantjes. It was a pleasure to be able to work with Annemieke, she is a great pattern designer. There are a lot of possibilities with this pattern. I love the wide size range of this pattern, it comes in sizes 12 months to 12 yrs. In celebration of the Amare Top and Dress pattern release the pattern will be on sale for $5 today and tomorrow, that is 2 days only. Sale ends Saturday midnight CET. Normal price is $8.95. So hurry up and head on over to Sofilantjes and pick up your Amare Top and Dress pattern before the sale ends. Check out Annemieke's other patterns while you are there. She has men, women, boys and girls patterns, she also has bundles available.

Here are just a few of my test pics. My girls loved their tops, we even made one up for a friend.

This one was made for JuleBug's little friend.

I love this pic!

Don't miss out on this awesome deal! Hurry on over to and get your Amare Top and Dress pattern while it's on sale.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Expanding My Sewing Abilities

It is no secret that I love sewing. I have been sewing since I was a little girl, well over 20 years. Up until recently the majority of my sewing has been with woven fabric, knits scared me. Well, I decided no more. I am going to grow my sewing abilities and expand into knit. I love wearing knit, it's so comfortable and I want to be able to sew knit as well. My first pattern that I sewed up for knit I was actually pattern testing. I know crazy, but if I can do it a beginner then anybody can. The pattern I tested was The Willow Skirt and Shorts by Stitch Upon A Time. I was surprised at just how easy knit actually was. It is different than woven, but not so much that I needed to shy away from it. I went on to purchase the Boxerwear Bundle for Men and Women, the Spoxxy Top, and the Artemis Top and Dress patterns. I have sewn all of these except the Artemis Dress version. Everyone agrees these are the most comfortable items we own. The girls and I would wear our Spoxxy and Artemis every day if we could. I guess that means I need to sew up some more. Roochie has been asking me to make him something so now I'm off to choose which knit boy patterns I want to try first.

Another Year Another Princess!

I absolutely love sewing for my kids. Every year I make them something special for their birthdays. This is just as much a gift to myself as it is a gift to them. Sometimes I make them a complete surprise, but as they have gotten older I have taken not only their requests but their design help as well. I love working with my kids to create something special that they will love. The Princess, my oldest sweetie turned 10 this year. She wanted an Elsa dress, so we put our heads together, went fabric shopping together and whipped up this beauty. This is probably one of my best sews.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures. I have so many favorites. It was hard to narrow it down to share.

My Beautiful Girl

This is one of my favorites

The Princess came up with this pose all by herself. I love it!


Those expresssions

Olaf Magic

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cousins and a New Niece!

Some of my favorite memories from growing up are the times we got together with all the cousins. I'm thankful for every chance my kids get to be with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. It's no secret I love to sew. Every year I sew something special up for my kids birthdays. This year my niece was born the day before my youngest's birthday, we were on the road traveling to be there.

All Bug wanted was an Anna dress. I also made up a tiny Anna dress by adapting a doll pattern. These are some of my favorite pics from out trip.

Just Too Sweet


Baby Princess

Little Mommy

Even the Big "Kids" get in on the games
I wasn't the only one snapping pics during our trip. My sister is awesome at taking pics and editing. Even though she is great at pictures the bigger kids are faster than her lens speed. LOL.
Here some of the photos she snapped.

Here are some pics of just the Anna dresses so you can see the detail. I really love how these dresses came out. I love how my sewing has improved over the years. Mostly of all I love how much the people I sew for love what they receive.