Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing in Moderation

 My own little version of extreme couponing.  I tend to believe moderation is the key.  I love to get a good deal, but spending hours upon hours to get stuff for free or nearly free that I wouldn't normally buy or don't really need seems kind of crazy.  I like to fit my couponing and deal hunting into my life as a wife and mother and not the other way around.  I don't make 'special' trips just to get one deal.

 Yesterday we were meeting The Man for a lunch date, it had been a while since we've done this.  Since we were going to be in town anyway, I decided to check on some deals and go to one of my favorite bargain stops, Target.  So what did I find, but one of my best savings yet.  I purchased 1 gallon of coconut milk, 4 individual skittles packs and 2 wishbone dressings for a grand total of $1.88.  All this would have normally cost $13.16.  What a savings!  This was just one of my stops that I made.  Did you know that you can teach math while shopping your coupon deals?  My kids get so excited, they love finding coupons and quoting prices.  Even though this was an amazing deal, I would have to say the best deal of the day was getting to see The Man and having lunch together on a week day.

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  1. Did you see those articles about them committing coupon fraud on that show? Crazy! I definitely don't have the time for that much couponing and don't want to devote my life to it. ha! You found a great deal on that stuff though. Way to go!


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