Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yogurt or Jello...That is the Question

Our family loves coconut. Well I am always trying to find new ways to save money and make our food healthier.  I had been interested in making yogurt for a while, but all the ways I had seen either required a yogurt maker or were just too involved for me to take the plunge, until recently.  I was googling (my favorite pass time, it seems like there is always something to google) and came across this crockpot recipe. I made it, we loved, I kept making it.  Then I started thinking can I make coconut yogurt?  How would I make it simply add coconut flakes and honey or use coconut milk?  Of course I had to google and here is what I found a coconut milk yogurt recipe. I was excited to give it a try and surprise The Man with what was sure to be his favorite homemade yogurt yet.  What I didn't count on was being surprised myself.  So we are told that coconut milk yogurt will not firm up on its own and we need to add 3 packets of gelatin. When its time in the crock pot was up everything seemed right on so far, smelt like yogurt, but still runny.  I put in the fridge to cool and here is where the surprise came in.  When I came back to scoop some out it was a solid block of gel. Oops!  It taste great and I am definitely going to be tinkering with this recipe until it comes out like yogurt, but for the time being the kids and The Man are enjoying their coconut yogurt jello. Maybe I'm onto something.

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