Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remember this?

Well it got me this for free!

I contacted Swiffer about my broken swiffer wet jet and they very kindly sent me a coupon to replace it for free.  Target has the red ones (limited edition).  Don't be afraid to contact a company with feedback, but always remember to be nice.  You never know how it might turn out.

I contact companies occasionally to leave my feedback (good or bad).  If there is a product that I really like I like to pass on my compliments to the company telling them why I like their product.  Not too long ago I contacted Target about their coupon policy and a product that I would like them to carry.  I received a thank you letter along with a $10 gift card in the mail.  Who knew?  That was a sweet surprise.  I also contacted EOS over their lip balm.  I love their lip balm, but imagine my surprise when I opened it and it had mold on it.  Ick!  EOS was very quick to respond to my emails and send me coupons not only for a free replacement, but some extra $1 off coupons as well.  I guess you could say it pays to give feedback.

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  1. Glad it worked out for you and you got a better swiffer. Red is so much more cheerful!!


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