Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Productive Day!

Yesterday was not a good day.  Everything was off.  Half the day had passed by without me even realizing it, so of course we didn't get much done.  Today is a new day!  Filled with new hope and new opportunity.  I started today early despite the fact I was up past midnight last night waiting on the Man to finish his homework.  This morning went very smoothly.  We started our school lessons and moved from one subject to the next quite quickly.  We even did an extra math lesson and I think they would have done more if I let them.  After we finished up with school I had a choice to make, pick something off my to do list or The Man's to do list.  I chose to scratch a big to do off The Man's list.  He has been so busy lately and I had all this energy that came from who knows where.  I decided to clean up the yard.  I mean pick up trash, logs, pine cones (the never ending collection of pine cones) and mow front, side and back.  Our yard is no joke either we have just under a half acre.  I was feeling pretty good getting all that accomplished.  There is just something about a job well done.  As my afternoon and evening went on I noticed some things, I got sunburned and I have muscles I wasn't aware of. haha.  I guess it has been a while since I have done so much yard work.  Even after all that I still managed to get supper on the table and a couple dozen burritos in the freezer.  Yes today was a good day!  Thank you God for answering my prayer for a productive day.


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