Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday - New!

Here we are again, it's Friday and time for another Five Minute Friday. To join in on the fun and for all the details click the link.  Today's topic New.


What do you think about when you hear the word new? New shoes. New clothes. New experiences.
What is new? Something that is purchased with the tags still on. Something that has never been done before.  Something that is new to you.  An old piece of furniture, beautiful with age and we say look at my new_____. 
A few things that I think of when I hear the word new are.  A baby that will be here hopefully before I know it.  The sweet smells that only a newborn has.  Another person to experience life all anew.  A new big sister, a new big brother.  A new definition of our family, it will be larger with one more tiny person.  A new way of life that we will have to adjust to. And then I think "there is nothing new under the sun."  God knows, he has seen everything past through the future and he will be with me through it all.  What a comfort to know that there is nothing new to the Comforter.  He will never be caught off guard by surprise.  He knows.


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  1. oo, i love this, 'there is nothing new under the sun'. so true, isn't it? i get so prideful and think 'surely i'm the only one' when there is not one thing that surprises god. thanks for the reminder. :)

    love, number 89 :)

    p.s. love your music, too! xo


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