Wednesday, September 28, 2011

High Risk Blessings!

Yesterday we visited the high risk doctor.  For those who may not know I have type one diabetes and have had it for over 20 years.  I am the highest, high risk there is when it comes to diabetic high risk pregnancies.  I have people who care for me, love me and my little one to be enough to pray for us and God's help during this special time.  I couldn't be more grateful for these people in my life.  God is good and God is powerful.  The results of our appointment show that everything is right on schedule, baby is growing well and there are no noticeable signs of birth defects.  The praise and glory goes to God.  I know that there is no way I could do this without him.  Managing diabetes is hard, but add on the complexity of pregnancy and it just made hard/impossible even more so.  I thank God for keeping my little one safe and protecting it against my own bodies faults.  Lord willing sometime in late February, early March our little blessing will be born.

We were able to take Princess and Roochie with us for this appointment.  They got to see the ultra sound and the miracle of a tiny little person growing in mommy's tummy.  We had lots of good conversation during the ultra sound.  One of my favorite moments was when the technician told the kids the baby was waving at them, Roochie stood up on his chair and waved at the monitor.  The kids are so excited for their new baby to arrive.  I love seeing and hearing their excitement.  I am very glad we were able to spend this special time together as a family.


  1. Wishing you God's Blessings as you launch into this pregnancy. Take care.

  2. aww, the kids must've loved going to the ultrasound with you! i am praying for you and the little blessing!


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