Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Bargains!

One of my favorite things is getting a good deal, especially if it is something I need.  This weekend was a good one for getting some deals.  I was good about it I only purchased the ones that were needed and no extra just for fun budget busters.  My first finds were at Target.  I just happened to be at Target at just the right time.  They were changing out some of their aisles and marking things down quite a bit.  I scored a $40 blender for only $9.98.  My next deal was on birthday supplies for Roochie.  His birthday is coming up next month and he finally told me what theme he wanted.  Not even an hour after finding out we happened upon his Iron Man plates marked down to .43 for the large ones and .37 for the small ones.  I also found some stickers to make cupcake toppers marked down to .38.  You just can't beat that.  This is where planning ahead can make things fun and cheap.  My last deal was at the Skechers outlet store.  We were simply out enjoying the warm day, window shopping and playing at the park.  I had been looking for some dress shoes for Princess for a while.  It seems that all the stores only carry shoes that have 1 1/2 to 2" heels on them.  This is not suitable for a girl who runs and plays with the boys after church.  Anyway, while browsing at Skechers I found a cute dress shoe with a nice athletic sole.  They normally sell for $37, but were marked down to $14.95, but that is not all.  There was only one pair in Princess' size and they had obviously been bought, worn, and returned with a small scuff, dirt and chocolate on them.  After the clerk tried to get the scuff off and couldn't the manager offered another 10% discount.  This brought the shoes down to $13.45. Yay!  I sure enjoyed getting every deal and not forgetting to thank God for even the small blessings; needed, but unexpected bargains.

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  1. Oooh - I scored some fun stuff at the thrift store this weekend, too! I was looking for a tabletop ironing board - found one for $3.93, and 2 baggies of embroidery floss for $0.90 each! I love God's little blessings (His big ones are pretty great, too)!!! Have a great week :)


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