Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'The Waiting Place' by Eileen Button - a book review

I recently finished reading The Waiting Place by Eileen Button.  I was expecting an encouraging read on the waiting places in our lives.  This was the hardest book for me to read. If I hadn't signed up to do the book review I would have quit reading this book.  I found it mostly depressing and irritating.  Yes, irritating.  I would finish reading a chapter only to be irritate at Eileen and her self-centeredness. She turned her entire life into a waiting place.  Even though I did not care for reading this book and would not recommend it for reading I did learn some things.  I found that most of her waiting places were hard for her because she was not content and she was more concerned with what she wanted to do than what God wanted her to do.  The book is promoted as a Christian book which is why I expected it to be encouraging and pointing to Chrit, it is not and does not.  Eileen is a pastor's wife, but her heart is not in it.  I came away with the understanding that she does not like her life and would rather be just about anything other than a pastor's wife.  Her thoughts and behavior as a wife and a mother are heart breaking to me.

I know that several have written good reviews on this book.  These are my honest opinions and how the reading of this book made me feel.

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  1. Wow. I have not read the book, or even heard of it until now. But how sad. I feel badly for the writer. We have all been in waiting places, but if you wait your whole life, instead of living in grace and gratitude, you will have wasted this precious gift. I am a pastor's kid, and was a pastor's wife for much of our ministry. Sure, life has been difficult. Sure we spent many years "waiting" for our youngest daughter. But still, I hope that the legacy we are leaving is one of faith and gratitude. Honesty is so good, but we also must speak words of blessing and encouragement, or we allow ourselves to be dragged down by the difficulties in life.
    Thank you for your honest review of this book. I will steer clear of it, as I don't need any excuse to dwell on the negative aspects of life and ministry.
    I pray your day is as beautiful as your blog!! Thank you for your sweet comment on mine. I appreciate it so much.
    In His Grace,

  2. Thank you for an honest review. How did you become a book reviewer....this bookworm would like to know? ;-)

  3. Hi! I stumbled across this blog from booksneeze and saw your question. To become a bookworm, or book reviewer, you have to go to this site ( and you will find a link to sign up. You fill out a few questions, wait to get approved, and once you are approved you request a book. It's really easy! (: I hope I answered your question. Being a book reviever is a lot of fun for sure.



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