Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time in a not so far away land lived a young lady. One day a friend of her family set out on a mission. Her mission; to find this lady a husband.  Now the young lady wasn't too keen on this idea. It wasn't that she didn't want to get married, but she had more of the knight in shinning armor find the princess point of view and she sure as well did not want to be known as a "man chaser".  This friend threw out names one after the other, some the girl knew and others she had only heard the name, but did not know who it belonged to.

Days came and went and it was meeting time again.  You see this young lady and her family met regularly with others of like faith.  If only the lady had known what was in store for this next meeting.  Oh the questions this friend posed to a certain gentleman.  Oh, the embarrassment this young lady felt, for there was but one person in the entire group who had the concerns her friend was questioning the gentleman about.  This friend was determined.  She set about getting this young lady and gentleman together, getting them to meet, to see if maybe just maybe something might spark. 

The gentleman, being a wise young man, talked to this friend's husband about her friendly inquiries.  He told the man he didn't mind coming, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of being set up.  The young lady didn't care for the idea at all, but her mother said she should go, it would be fun and she needed to get out some. The lady went, but she was not going to be throwing herself at this guy.  She was in the back room with the children when the gentleman arrived.  She wasn't really sure what to say or how to say it.  The only thing she was sure of is that she did not want him thinking this was her idea.

The plot thickens. The gentleman was supposed to be making his special wings for dinner.  The young lady was asked to come help. She comes to the kitchen and imagine her surprise when she is asked "Do you know how to cook wings?" Apparently the gentleman had not made the wings before and this recipe was from a friend. Yes, the lady cooked the wings. ;) 

The dinner conversation was full of inquiring questions, not from the gentleman or the young lady, but from the friend.  All the friends questions led to more conversation and joking. In the course of the conversation came a statement saying something to the effect of 'only a jerk would do that'. The gentleman then inquires "Are you calling me a jerk?" To which the young girl replies "If the shoe fits."  Although the young lady didn't know it then, this was the start of something special. 

The gentleman and the lady became friends and as friendships sometimes do it turned into something more rather quickly.  It wasn't long, less than two months, before they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Knowing what she wanted the young lady was ready to set the date.  The gentleman being more cautious and not wanting a "3 date" nickname wanted to wait a short while before getting married.  This waiting earned him the nickname "molasses" from his sweetheart. Once given the dates to choose from the young lady naturally chose the earliest date, making it 8 months from the time they met until the time they were married. 

So thanks to a family friend, whom they now lovely call Cupid, two people now share a life and a family and yes will live Happily Ever After.

Today marks 9 years of Happily Ever After!

There is but one regret. If given the chance they'd get married a whole lot sooner. ;) 


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