Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Wives Club

I joined the Happy Wives Club.  How cool is that?  I never even knew we had a club.  I love it though.  I found it through the Happy Wives Club blog and love what they are doing ( although I agree with most of what they are saying, don't think I agree with everything 100%).  The Why I Love My Husband  post  grabbed my attention and made me want to join and be a part of this group.  Not like I really need an excuse to brag on my hubby, The Man. ;)

Why I Love My Husband

This has inspired me to start my own list. My list will not be in any specific order.

Why I Love My Husband (the never ending list)

1. He has Christ as his Saviour. (I had to make this #1 because this is central to the rest of my list. Without this one thing I know he would not be who he is.)

2. He follows God's Word as to our marriage and family.

3. He thinks outside the box. Just because everyone else thinks so or says so doesn't mean it is so. 

4. He applies things across the board.

5. He is faithful.

6. He purposely does not look at other women

7. He is teaching our son to purposely not look at women.

8. His main concern is the salvation of his family.

9. He would rather be home than work overtime.

10. I can trust him.

It is so easy to go on and on, but this will have to do for now. Will you join and start your own list?


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