Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vaccines - Did You Know?

I am continually reading and coming across new information.  There is so much more to our world and how it works than we know.  There are so many touchy subjects, our food and medical health being towards the top of that list.  This week I learned some new things about abortion and the innocent lives lost to it. Check out this link for U.S. Aborted Fetal Products. Food and spices? I'm really struggling with this one.  I guess it really shouldn't come as a surprise if we are using aborted babies in the development of vaccines why not food too!? I am not one to tell others what they should do.  I believe that God has given us a guideline through his Word and that we as individuals should base our decisions of what to do  on the principles found in God's Word and the knowledge we have of the situation in question. I am giving links so that you can inform yourselves and make your own decisions. This article, Vaccines, Abortion & Fetal Tissue, does a good job of explaining how aborted babies were/are used in the vaccine production process.  This next link shows which vaccines contain human protein & DNA. I would like to encourage you to research for yourself.  There is so much information out there, if you only look for it. Since I am a type 1 diabetic, I'll throw this next link out just for good measure. 

I hope that this was helpful.


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