Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Laundry

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Five Minute Friday

Today's topic Laundry-

What do you think of when you hear/read the word laundry?  My mind immediately goes to piles of clothes needing to be washed, dried, maybe rewashed because I forgot to put them in the dryer, folded, put away.  I also think of the word cycle, it is a never ending cycle.  Forgiving? I think so. If I don't get a load finished I'll just start all over, it's really not that big of a deal.  It's a little thing and not worth stressing over. I actually don't mind laundry for that very reason, it is one chore that I really don't have to stress over.  I throw a load in and I'm off to work on something else. Come back throw the load in the dryer another in the washer and off again. Back again and the laundry from the dryer goes into the basket, what's in the washer goes in the dryer and another load is started in the washer. You see the clothes may not always get folded and put away, but we always have clean clothes.  Sometimes good enough just has to be good enough.  Striving for perfection is not always what is best for my family.  I would rather have kids that remember me for playing games, reading stories and cooking yummy meals and treats together, than for perfectly cleaned, ironed, folded and hung clothes. Really now that I've stopped and thought about it.  I think it's a waste of my time to do all that the clothes just end right back up in the laundry room anyway. Maybe I should convert my laundry room to a family closet. Hmmm. Now don't get me wrong, I haven't judged you if you manage to get your laundry perfectly done.  I'm just saying to each his own and there are things that just aren't worth judging others over, stressing about or even judging yourself as unfit,  not good enough, because you haven't reached someone else's idea of what a wife, mother, homemaker should be doing.


  1. I agree that we all need to reach our own idea of what a wife, mother, homemaker should be doing. It will look different for everyone. Good reminder today (and if you convert your laundry room to a family closet you must post pictures! :) ). Blessings!

  2. "Striving for perfection is not always what is best for my family." Amen, Sister! And I am all for turning the laundry room into the family closet:) I'll be checking on your progress with that;) What a blessing to read this today! Happy Friday:)


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