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The Fast Metabolism Diet with Type 1 Diabetes - Week 1

After a friend mentioned The Fast Metabolism Diet and how it was helping her feel so much better, not just weight but health. I decided to borrow the book from my local library and see what it was all about.  I am not a big dieter. I don't like fad diets or weight loss pills.  I prefer a healthy alternative. I have type 1 diabetes and so that factors into all my decisions especially diet related one. Reading the book is what convinced me to give this a try.  I highly recommend reading the book.  In the book Haylie explains the science behind the diet and how she discovered it.

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

Haylie's website and blog

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The diet has 3 phases. Phase 1 is full of complex carbs, phase 2 is high protein and phase 3 focuses on healthy fats. Please read the book or her website for an explanation on the phases.  I decided I want to give this a go.  I do have some weight that has crept on and plopped on after having 3 kids and turning 30. Yikes! But I was also very much impressed with the health benefits and figured that even if I didn't lose weight this would be very good for my health. Once I told The Man about it, he decided to do it with me. Yeah! A partner! I decided I wanted to blog each week so that others, especially type 1 diabetics could read about another type 1 diabetics experience.  Haylie does have some modifications for diabetics listed on her website here.

Monday - Day 1 phase 1
I started off my day with the oatmeal smoothie.  I took a little less insulin than what I would normally take because I was planning on doing my aerobic exercise.  I was pleasantly surprised that even though I was having a lot of carbohydrates my sugars were not only stable ,but good levels as well.

Tuesday - Day 2 phase 1
No aerobic exercise today.  I took my normal insulin doses.  My blood sugar did rise after breakfast, but I forgot to eat my protein and vegetable. The rest of the day my levels were good and stable.

Around midnight I had a scare.  I was up taking my toddler to the potty and decided to check my blood sugar to see where my levels were.  I was feeling fine.  Before I could check my blood I started feeling dizzy, lightheaded and sick.  My first thought was my blood sugar was dropping really fast.  I started around the corner to the kitchen for some juice, but lost my balance and fell before I could get the juice.  I think this scared The Man a bit more than myself. Immediately after drinking some juice I checked my blood and my level was 66. I'm assuming that my blood did not drop extremely low, but rather dropped extremely fast. Just a good reminder to watch your blood sugar levels very closely.

Wednesday - Day 3 phase 2
I made some slight adjustments to my basal rates (I'm an insulin pump user) to accommodate for the lack of carbs for this phase.
My blood sugar levels during the afternoon (lunch, dinner) were slightly higher than the rest of the day, not too high, but this was due to me playing around with my insulin to prevent low blood sugar.  At bedtime my blood sugar was 65. I decided to deviate from the diet and eat an apple before going to bed.  I did not want to have  low blood sugar through the night, but I did wake up the next morning lower than I would have liked. I probably should have had some protein with the apple. I felt fine all day and wasn't really hungry, but come evening time I had some intense fat cravings.  I was craving nuts and nut butters pretty bad.

Thursday - Day 4 phase 2
I continued to adjust my basal rates as needed.  I woke lower than I would have liked this morning and felt that I needed a little carbohydrate to prevent a major low later in the morning/day.  I opted for fruit.
I'll be honest this phase made me want to quit! I am not a big animal protein person and although I ate vegetables before starting this diet, I never ate this many and rarely for breakfast.

Friday - Day 5 phase 3
I woke with low blood sugar again.  I once again made some adjustments to my insulin. Phase 3 is my favorite phase.  I had so much energy I cleaned out the garage and if you knew what my garage looked like you would be impressed. ;-) My blood sugars stayed stable the rest of the day.

Saturday - Day 6 phase 3
I woke really low this morning and once again made an adjustment to my insulin.  We went out and were out over half the day this day.  Unfortunately my blood meter didn't make it in my purse. Yikes! I did feel as if my blood sugar was going low between my morning snack and lunch.  I ended up eating applesauce (no sugar added) as that was all I had at the time.  I did pack snacks and lunch, but left it in the car.  I had lunch at my normal time and so on for the rest of the day.  I also had my first cheat or not following the diet on this day, not intentionally though.  We were supposed to be home before dinner and ended up staying out late.  I grabbed a lemon-pepper roasted chicken from Publix, not the best thing, but not the worst either.  I didn't end up eating my vegetable either. When I got home and before bed I did have a snack of Ezekiel Bread and almond butter. My blood sugar was good.

Sunday - Day 7 phase 3
Woke at a good level this morning. Yeah! I also had my first high blood sugar since starting this diet and I am honestly not sure why. My levels came down and were stable the rest of the day.  I got started later this day and ended up not eating dinner. I didn't need to as we went to be before it would have been time to eat.  I followed the meal/snack schedule for while I was awake.

My thoughts on the past week.  I am surprised at how level my blood sugars stayed considering how many carbs I was eating at times and all the adjusting I was making to my insulin. The first thing I noticed was my tummy wasn't as bloated.  I never did have any major detox symptoms.  I didn't feel amazingly different one way or the other really.  Just about the same. There were times I couldn't eat all the food as in if I take one more bite it's all going to come back up and there were times that I was hungry.  I know Haylie says never to be hungry, eat a vegetable, but honestly there are only so many vegetables one can eat.  I usually would just drink water and wait for my next snack or meal (usually only about an hour off), if I was really hungry I would grab the vegetable the sounded the best to me. I didn't have any trouble drinking my water and there were a few days I drank more.  I was a big drinker (un-sweet tea and water) before the diet.

Just a reminder if you are diabetic, talk with your doctor before starting and watch your sugars closely!

I'm excited to see what the next week holds. I am also curious to see the final results this diet has on my overall health and diabetes. Here we go Week 2!

Here is a link to my week 2 post.


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