Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Tutu Fit for a Princess

A Tutu Fit for a Princess - a rolled ribbon tutu.

As promised, a tutu tutorial. ;) I had seen these adorable tutus on pinterest.  I loved them and knew I could make one myself.  I searched and didn't find any tutorials online so I thought I would give it a go.  Now keep in mind tutorials are not my thing.

1. Measure how long I wanted the tutu to come ( 8 inches, for my daughter).  Double that measurement (16 inches), because you will be folding it in half. The next thing I did was to get my ribbon and roll it how I wanted it to look finished. Mark and measure the ribbon 13-14 inches). I measured each ribbon according to the tulle piece to account for slipping. Sew ribbon onto the tulle ends. I used 30 tulle sections give or take a couple.  4 5/8 yards of tulle was more than enough. I used about 20 yards of ribbon.  The amount of tulle and ribbon you need will vary based on the size of tutu you are making and how tight and much you have the ribbon overlap.

2. Measure the child's waist for the elastic.  I like to cut my elastic at the exact measurement, overlap by about an inch and stitch.

3. Roll tulle.

4. Fold roll in half.

5. Make a loop at the top.  Fold the tulle around the elastic and slip the ribbon ends through the loop to attach.

6. Pull and tighten tulle on elastic.  Make sure that it is how you want it to lay. Repeat until you have a tutu that is as full as you want.

Make sure that you have your slip knots all on the same side. Not backwards from each other. This affects how the tutu lays.

7. After attaching all the tulle sections use 1 inch ribbon to wrap around the waist. I forgot to measure the amount of ribbon used. Sorry. This step is optional, but using satin ribbon makes the waste softer on the skin.
After finishing my tutu I added a little bling with some glue and jewel dots.

I love it!  I hope this is helpful to someone. ;)


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