Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Baby Gift

My sister is about to have her second baby any day now. Life can be rotten sometimes.  I was supposed to be there for the birth of her first, but life got in the way and it was impossible.  I was supposed to be there for this one's birth too, but once again life gets in the way and it is impossible.  Sometimes life frustrates me to no end.  I love my sister so much and would love to be there to support her and help during these last and first days. My sister and I are 7 years apart, but we are best friends.  This is a great encouragement to me, not only in my personal life because everyone needs a good friend, but also because my girls are 7 years apart and I know what they have to look forward to. I can count on one hand my true friends and I am thankful that one of those is my sister.

I would give my sister the world if I could, but alas time and money got in the way of that too. LOL! So I went with the next best thing.  My recent go to baby gift has been a car seat canopy.  I made one for my last daughter and love, love, love it.  My daughter is 1 yr and 1 month and we still use the canopy on occasion. Yes, she is still in her infant seat.  I came up with this pattern myself.  I based it on several that I had seen on-line.  I liked different things about each one, but there was not one that combined them all so I made one. I really love how this one turned out.  I fell in love with the adorable fabric and colors as soon as I saw them.  I know my sister will love them too.  It should arrive in the mail today, fingers crossed.  I can't wait for her to receive them.  I also made her a diaper bag, matching wipe case and changing pad.  When I was pregnant with my last one a dear sweet friend made me a diaper bag and I love it.  My sister wanted a special bag.  I have never made bags and was very nervous about making this one. I am super duper excited how it turned out.  My hubby helped me pick out the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I guess you could say it just spoke to us calling out my sister's name. ;) I found the tutorial for this bag on none other than Pinterest. The Angela's Diaper Bag is actually quite large.  I didn't really think through the measurements before making it so I ended up getting it put together only to take it apart and make it a bit smaller. I took 2" off the length and 1" off the width. Apparently I'm a bit of a rebel and don't like following instructions (honestly I rarely follow a recipe, pattern or tutorial without making some changes) so, yes I did make some modifications other than the size.  I added a cell phone pocket inside one of the elastic pockets, I added a magnetic flap instead of the ribbon ties, I lengthened the straps to make should straps, instead of the divider I made a zippered pouch divider and last of all I added a cute ruffle down the front of the bag.  I couldn't have made this bag without the much needed and appreciated technical and emotional support from one of my dearest friends and awesome bag maker Kelly. Yes, she is the dear sweet friend that made me my diaper bag. ;) You can find her at her blog A Plain Path.

Now we get to the good part, Pictures!! At least for me that is the main reason I end up reading blogs in the first place.  Lol!

One more extra little gift I made for the new baby.  Really it's hard to stop myself.  There are so many things I wish I could have made also. ;)

And just for the fun of it here's a look back at my very first car seat canopy.


  1. are so sweet!! I'm glad I stopped by. ;) Your bag and carseat cover are amazing!! Lovely work!!

  2. Thanks. I really love how they turned out and I'm so thankful for a special friend like you. =)


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